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Washington State University

Bernd Markus (Mark) Lange

Associate Professor

Co-Director of the M.J.Murdock Metabolomics Laboratory Service Center

Ph.D. 1995, University of Munich, Germany


Research Interests

The Lange laboratory investigates the biosynthesis of plant natural products (with an emphasis on terpenoids) using functional genomics and systems biology approaches. We are developing mathematical models to quantitatively describe the regulation of metabolic pathways. Our models enable knowledge-based pathway improvements by metabolic engineering.

We are particularly interested in understanding metabolism in specialized plant cell types (such as glandular trichomes and resin ducts), which are responsible for the synthesis of many important essential oils, oleoresins, and pharmaceutically relevant natural products.

Current project areas:

1. Metabolism in specialized tissues

a. Essential oil biosynthesis in glandular trichomes (mint)
b. Essential oil biosynthesis in secretory cavities (Citrus)
c. Oleoresin biosynthesis in resin ducts (pine)
d. Role of the paraveinal mesophyll cell layer in soybean leaves

2. Biosynthesis of terpenoid natural products in medicinal plants

3. Development of enabling technologies

a. Bioanalytical chemistry (including metabolomics research)
b. Metabolic pathway visualization tools
c. Mathematical modeling of metabolic pathway flux


Metabolism in Specialized Plant Cell Types
Metabolism in Specialized Plant Cell Types

Lange Laboratory Website



Bernd Markus Lange
Mark Lange