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Washington State University


Many individuals volunteer their time to assist WSU departments in the conduct of official University activities. ¬†Volunteers are covered for liability insurance and workers’ compensation. NOTE: Workers’ compensation for volunteers covers medical loss but not wage loss.¬† University employee policies apply to volunteers.

The following criteria must be met:

  • A volunteer performs assigned and authorized duties for WSU without receiving wages.
  • The volunteer freely chooses to perform his or her assigned WSU duties.
  • The volunteer duties directly benefit WSU and are supervised by WSU personnel.
  • WSU understands and accepts that the volunteer is acting on WSU’s behalf.
  • A volunteer is designated as such by a WSU department and is registered.
  • WSU may reimburse a volunteer for actual expenses incurred in the performance of assigned and authorized duties without the volunteer losing the volunteer designation.

An employee performing the duties he or she is normally paid to perform is not a volunteer, however, an employee may volunteer for activities unrelated to normal job duties.

Volunteer designation must occur before any duties are performed.

The department submits a Volunteer Monthly Report to Human Resources Services for each volunteer.

Volunteers are subject to the same University requirements for safety procedures orientation and training as employees.

Please see BPPM 60.81 and SPPM, Chapter 25 for additional information.