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Washington State University

Radioactivity / Ordering Radioactive Supplies

Contact Mary Kittelson, Clark Hall, Room 299, 5-0586 for assistance.

Radioactive supplies are ordered using the same procedures as ordinary purchases,  however, the order must be approved by Radiation Safety.

Radioactivity Safety Notes:

  1. All personnel who work with radioactive material are required to complete the WSU Radiation Safety Course.
  2. Be aware of the effect on your body of the isotope and the procedures you are using.
  3. Always wear your permanently assigned dosimeter when exposed to radiation.
  4. Always wear the correct protective clothing and other required equipment.
  5. Always decontaminate your work area when you are finished for the day. Then do a swipe survey of your area to ensure you have properly decontaminated.
  6. Keep your exposure level as low as possible.
  7. Report accidents promptly to the radiation safety officer.
  8. Dispose of radioactive material properly.