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Washington State University

Meals / Hosting Guests

Location: Purchase Orders for meals can be obtained in Clark Hall, Room 299.
Contact Person: Mary Kittelson, Room 299, 5-0586, for reimbursements.

At times, IBC personnel are ask to host visitors, seminar speakers and prospective students for meal meetings. When you are asked, please tell Mary Kittelson where you will take your guest and the names of all others in attendance. Mary will prepare a Purchase Order (PO), which you will present to the vendor when you receive the tab for the meal. Mary Kittelson will prepare the Request to Serve Food form, when necessary.

Employees and guests are allowed the following per diem for meals for the year beginning Oct 1, 2014 and ending Sept 30, 2015:

Breakfast: $11 per person
Lunch: $14 per person
Supper: $21 per person
These amounts include tax and beverages.

Alcoholic beverages and tips are not reimbursable. Swilly’s charges an addition $5 for processing the PO. This is not refundable on a grant. Expenditures in excess of per diem should be preapproved by your supervisor. In general, department development funds will not be routinely used to finance excess meal expenses.

If you do not take a PO, you will have to pay for the meal and submit the receipt from the restaurant for reimbursement. Mary Kittelson will complete the paperwork for your signature and submit it for payment. The University will mail you a check. This process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Please note that most restaurants provide a copy of the signature document that reports the total charge only.  If they do not provide you with an itemized receipt as well, please ask for one.