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Washington State University


Contact Person for Problems or Questions: Helen Miller, Clark Room 285, 5-8383

Most accidents are caused by carelessness and can be prevented. Please follow the safety procedures reviewed in your safety training. Below is a list of emergency phone numbers:

Fire 911
Police 911
Ambulance 911
Hazardous Material Spills 911
Radiation Safety 335-8616
Poison Control Center 1-800-222-1222

When calling 911, stay on the line until the operator tells you to hang up. Be prepared to give the following information:
1. The type of emergency.
2. The location of the emergency.
3. The fastest route to take for the emergency vehicles and personnel to arrive at the location.
4. Your name and present location.

If an accident does occur, please follow these steps:

1. Immediately use the shower to wash off chemicals splashed on a person or to extinguish burning clothing. Use the eyewasher to rinse eyes, flushing continuously for 15 minutes. Call 911 immediately if an injury, serious hazard (such as fire) or significant chemical spill has occurred.

Each laboratory is required to have at least one member who is certified in first aid. These people may be called for any injury that requires attention.  See the Accident Contact sheet.

2. If no injury or serious hazard is involved, call the person designated by your lab as the accident contact person (see Accident Contact Sheet ). If you are unable to reach the first contact person, call the alternate contact designated by your lab. If the alternate cannot be reached, call your Principal Investigator.

3. The contact person will notify the following people:

a.) The person responsible for the experiment involved in the accident or spill.

b.) The responsible P.I.

c.)  If the WSU Dispatcher (911) has not already been called, please call immediately.  911 will notify the Radiation Safety and Environmental Health and Safety offices if appropriate.

d.)  If a Common Area is affected, the contact person will also notify key lab people on the contact sheet.

For further consultation, the Radiation Safety Office (335-8916) and the Environmental Health and Safety Office (335-3041) should be contacted.

Reporting an Accident

All accidents or injuries, no matter how minor, should be reported to Helen Miller (Clark Hall, Room 285, 5-8383), the Administrative Manager. A WSU Online Incident Report must be completed within 24 hours of the accident. She will complete the online report.  Unreported injuries are not covered by WSU insurance.