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Washington State University



Location: Greenhouse Buildings
Contact Person for Questions or Problems: Julie Thayer, Greenhouse Manager, 5-8829

1. When the facilities are required for your research, notification of the greenhouse staff prior to the arrival of the plant materials allows us to plan ahead. This procedure ultimately results in better service to you. Knowing exactly what you want greatly assists in determining how best to satisfy your plant growth needs.

2. All general plant care (planting, propagation, watering, fertilizing, pest control, etc.) is provided by the greenhouse staff. If you choose to plant or maintain your own materials, please notify us because we still need to know your plans. In general, harvesting and plant manipulation closely related to experimental use are your responsibility. If any chemical sprays or pathogenic agents are to be used, please notify us so that any adverse effects on other experimental plants can be avoided.

3. Allocation of bench space is determined by the greenhouse staff in consultation with the research leaders. Any special needs that cannot be accommodated in our facilities can probably be met elsewhere in the greenhouse complex. Contact us if you encounter problems of this type.

4. Please do not bring plants into the facilities from other locations (or move them around within our facilities) without clearing this in advance with the greenhouse staff. If you need plants moved, contact us and we’ll take care of it. This helps us to prevent the spread of pests and pathogens should these conditions exist.

5. Growing genetically altered plants in the greenhouse requires following the procedures outlined in the Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules (NIH Guidelines). Contact the Greenhouse Manager for additional information or view the current NIH guidelines.

6. To comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Worker Protection Standard, all “workers must be trained before they accumulate more than 5 separate days of entry into treated areas on your establishment where, within the past 30 days, a pesticide has been applied or a restricted-entry interval has been in effect. These 5 days of such entry need not be consecutive and may occur over several periods of employment or over several seasons or years.” Contact the Greenhouse Manager to arrange for training.

7. First time users of the growth facilities are encouraged to come visit, take a tour and discuss you research needs.


Safety Notes for Pesticide Use in the Greenhouses

No chemical is to be applied without the knowledge, approval and/or supervision of the Greenhouse Manager. (If respirators are used, a written program and user respirator training and fit testing are required. These are provided by Environmental Health and Safety.)

1. Prior to a pesticide application, notification will be posted at the entrances of the areas to be treated.

2. Verbal notification will also be provided when required by law.

3. During an application and throughout the restricted-entry interval (REI), WARNING signs will be posted at all entrances.

4. During an application, only licensed and/or trained persons under the direct supervision of the license holder and wearing the proper personal protective equipment are allowed in the posted area.

5. After the application and the ventilation criteria are met and until the REI expires, access is prohibited.

6. The WPS allows entry into a treated area that remains under a restricted-entry interval only in a few narrow work situations.

7. The following information is available in the head house section of Building 114-22: Application list Emergency information Pesticide safety poster MSDS


Greenhouse Work Request Form – doc format

Greenhouse Work Request Form – pdf format